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Yearbook/Photography Club

Club Members:
Lizette Saquipulla
Kesang Sherpa
Melissa Hernandez 
Yaritsa Urena
Melanie Jara
Camila Hernandez
Jade Rosendo
Lisette Aguayza
Fadiha Uddin
Denice Morales
Chloe Lim
Jerry Wang
Chelsea Andrade
Nathaly Fabia



Instructions using the camera:

  1. The AV: F stop priority: The higher the number the less light reaches the film; The lower the number the more light reaches the film.
  2. The TV: Shutter Speed:  the higher the number the faster the shutter speed closes and opens.
  3. The ISO: out of 100 to 6400.The higher the ISO the more pixelated the picture comes out and the more light that is captured.  Indoors there is less light there is therefore you should leave it as automatic.
Club Advisors:
Ms. Jayme Klapman
Mr. Juan Valencia
Ms. Carla Carballo
Ms. Samantha Chung
Club Meets:
Wednesday and Thursday
2:20 - 4:20