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Explorer Academy

Do you like to EXPLORE new books, ideas and places?  How about EXPLORING new foods, music and cultures?  Do you enjoy taking part in fun, hands-on science experiments?  Perhaps having the opportunity to conduct one with Miss USA or even meeting someone from NASA! Do you prefer to do your writing on a tablet or a laptop?  Do you enjoy reading on a web-based program that is available to you 24/7 over the internet within a wide-range of genres?  Would you like to become a social activist and make a difference in the world?  How about seeing short, fun video clips from movies, television shows or teachers and students that help you learn more about the topic you're studying in class?  Would you be receptive to singing as part of a chorus class or maybe even going out for a solo part?  Have you always fancied yourself as a really good bachata, merengue or hip hop dancer and want to perfect your skills or just learn some new steps if you're a novice?  Do you like to draw, paint or sculpt? Would you enjoy designing, drawing and painting murals on the walls around our school? 
Did I mention that we have already built a brand new student-friendly kitchen for students to use in our new culinary arts program starting in September?  Would you like to earn high school credit as an 8th grader so you can take more challenging classes in high school to make you even more college and career ready? Would earning high school credit by taking Algebra 1, Earth Science or Living Environment and the Spanish Proficiency while in 8th grade appeal to you?  Did I mention we are building a brand new maker space at our school for all you future engineers out there who just love to build stuff?  And a new state of the art Bio lab with top end microscopes to EXPLORE the world of things that are too small to see with the naked eye?  Oh right, there's also a brand new dedicated dance studio on its way!  All of this is possible and more within the Explorer Academy at IS145Q - The Magnet School of Innovation and Applied Learning! 
Be cool...Have fun...Learn new things....become an EXPLORER!
Rob Nikc
Assistant Principal - Explorer Academy