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Technology, Math, and Writing...Oh My!


Recently, the students in Ms. Haugh and Ms. Klein’s Integrated Co-Teaching math classes received a set of brand new IPads. On a daily basis, their students are given the opportunity to use these tools to actively engage in their daily lessons and learning activities. When teaching and planning their instruction, Ms. Haugh and Ms. Klein both emphasize the importance of literacy and writing in the math classroom through the use of technology. Their students enjoy writing and explaining their mathematical reasoning when using their IPads to prove what they have learned. Some of the learning activities that students take part in when using their IPads include: the use of Google Classroom for Quick Writes, Exit Tickets, and Exams, a variety of educational application (BrainPOP, Kahoot!, Shadow Puppet, Popplet), and Smart Lab (from Smart Teq), specifically; Shout it Out to name a few.  

Below are samples of student work, in which the students use Google Classroom to respond to Quick Write and Exit Ticket questions posted by their teachers. Students write their responses through Google Classroom. They can then reply to their classmates with content-based feedback.