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Big Apple Award Winner!!! Mr. Ryuma Tanaka!!!

Mr. Tanaka works to empower his students while appreciating the experiences that may affect them socially, emotionally and academically. He reinforces to his ELLs students that they are not "English deficit", but are becoming bilingual, and will be twice as valuable in college and job markets once they master English. One way he creates these student bonds is by learning about their native cultures and languages. Mr. Tanaka spent the past three summers as a Fulbright scholar traveling to Punjab, Bangladesh, Calcutta, and Costa Rica to take language classes in Punjabi, Bengali, and Spanish. His students' faces light up when he speaks their native tongues. His ability to speak conversational Spanish has enabled him to develop stronger relationships with parents, and lower the anxiety of newcomers. “When students feel that their teacher cares about their culture and language, then a trusting relationship can be built with them,” Mr. Tanaka explains. This bond is the foundation of my students' ability to become active learners who are responsible for their academic success.”
Big Apple Award Winner!!! Mr. Ryuma Tanaka!!! Featured Photo


I.S. 145 Mission

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Our educational mission is to create a community of active learners, enabling our students to reach their full intellectual potential and enabling us to foster a learning environment, which will help in the development of 21st Century skills. These include critical thinking, information management and literacy skills, problem solving and working together cooperatively and collaboratively in as inclusive an environment as possible. This will be accomplished through the collaborative efforts of conscientious students, involved parents, supportive community members and a dedicated staff in our individual academies. IS145Q is a diverse, collaborative school community. Through utilizing the advantages of working in small learning communities, and coming together in celebration as a whole school, we are dedicated to achieving high standards of academic excellence for ALL of our students.