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Ivan Rodriguez, Principal



My vision as the principal of I.S. 145 has always revolved around the premise that educating the individual entails a collaborative effort between educators, parents and most importantly the community as a whole. It is by involving the community that we develop a clear perspective about the needs of our students, and in doing so, become more effective in targeting those needs as we work collaboratively as a team.


At I.S. 145 we not only strive to help our students grow in knowledge and depth of insight, but we envision and explore different ways we can equip our students to become the catalysts of change our community so eagerly awaits.  It is in this effort that we have partnered with community leaders, and educational organizations, and have created various support systems to ensure our students are well-equipped to give back to our community, and our society as a whole.


As I am always honored to announce in our meetings with parents and staff members, great things are happening and will continue to happen at I.S. 145Q. Our students’ academic experience has been significantly enriched as they participate in hands-on instruction, enjoy a learning environment driven by technological advances, and enthusiastically and actively find meaning in learning via our focus on project-based learning. We have set a solid platform to ensure our students have all the necessary resources they need to explore, research and apply content and skills learned as they complete hands-on projects that for the most part mitigate real-world problems. For example, all of our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art Smart Boards, laptops and tablets. This technology is coupled with a wide array of leaning software that our staff has meticulously determined to be highly effective in helping students acquire and apply knowledge as well as expose them to learning venues outside of the classroom. We are a Google school; all of our students possess innovators’ accounts; our students have access to thousands of books via Myon Reading, and have also access to media outlets such as BrainPop, News ELA and ReadWorks.


We cannot neglect our common need for innovation and discovery in the field of science. For this reason, we are in the process of installing two science labs that will be equipped with the most up-to-date technology our students need to actively engage in scientific inquiry and discovery. This initiative further strengthens my vision of effectively educating students in areas of high demand within our local community to ensure they contribute to the global economy.


As I continue to rollout my vision for this school and the positive impact I so strive to have in this community, I invite you to join with me in shaping our new generation of leaders and innovators. We want you to take part in this challenge. Together we can undoubtedly have a more significant impact in leading our students to become the catalysts of change we work so hard to inspire and mold.