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Social and Emotional Learning

I Am Mindful......

When I'm Mindful, I notice the things I can see, hear, taste, smell, and touch in front of me in the moment.

I can be Mindful anytime.

It helps me work better academically, feel happy, and stay healthy.


Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness:

  • Strengthens self-control- The goal of mindfulness is to intentionally focus your attention on the body and the breath

  • Lower’s anxiety and stress- When experiencing anxiety, it activates the bodies protective stress response kicking the ‘fight or flight’ response into motion. Mindfulness exercises are an extremely effective way to stop anxiety and re-regulate blood pressure, breathing and heart rate. Even better? Practicing mindfulness consistently is one of the best ways to lower anxiety by keeping your baseline stress level down.

  • Increases positive moods- Mindfulness activities teach you to accept emotions and experiences in the moment, without critical or negative judgment, allowing space to be acknowledged, felt, and as a result, worked through.

  • Better decision making- The heart of mindfulness is bringing our awareness to the present moment. By practicing 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation, you are able to make faster and better decisions because of a decreased tendency to get stuck in past narratives (holding you back from deciding) or project into the future.

  • Improves Emotional Regulation Skills- The ability to regulate emotions means we can effectively manage our moods and upsets in a healthy and productive way.

  • Improves Health and Body Image- Mindfulness practice has been found to not only improve physical health but also promotes a positive body image. Mindfulness-based interventions can help positively impact our hearts, brains, immune systems, and more!

  • Improves social skills and communication- Mindfulness exercises helps you get in better touch with your thoughts and feelings. With increased awareness of how your feeling in the moment, comes less emotional reactivity and a greater ability to listen and communicate more thoughtfully and effectively.