1) Medical Information:

Good Health makes you more comfortable in school and can help you learn and earn better grades. At I.S. 145 we have a school-based medical clinic affiliated with Elmhurst Hospital. It is important that the medical consent form is filled out and returned at the beginning of the school year. This consent form enables the medical staff to treat you by providing physical examinations, immunizations, and prescribe medications, when necessary. If you have a health condition, such as: diabetes, asthmas, etc., it is vital that you provide the medical staff with details of your condition written by your doctor. This is extremely important in the event of an emergency.


2) Code of Behavior:

The purpose of all discipline is self-discipline. All the rules and regulations in the Chancellor’s Regulation Blue Book are stated for this reason. Rules and regulations are for your personal growth and to be a functioning member of society. Remember students, parents and faculty members contributed this code. It is extremely important that you and your parents review the Blue Book and follow these rules.


The following items are strictly prohibited: 

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Illegal drugs
  • Fireworks
  • Weapons (real or fake)
  • Cell phones
  • Video game systems
  • Gang paraphernalia


And any or all other items that may represent a direct threat on the health, safety, or education of all students, faculty and staff.